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Канадский нападающий минского «Динамо» Бо Беннетт пропустит сегодняшнюю игру с «Сочи» из-за смерти близкого друга, сообщает группа «зубров» во «ВКонтакте».

Фото: Олег Киндар, TUT.BY
Фото: Олег Киндар, TUT.BY

При этом отмечается, что он в скором времени вернется в Минск.

Американский нападающий в 5 матчах нынешнего сезона набрал 1 (0+1) очко при показателе полезности «-5».






From the day I met Walker Tobin, he had a smile on his face and bud light nearby. I was lucky enough to call him one of my best friends. He was genuinely a great human being and everyone who called him a friend or even just an acquaintance knew how special of a guy he was. He never asked anyone for anything but instead put everyone else before himself. He was genuine. He was funny. He was compassionate. All the trips we went on together and the summers we spent together didn’t need anything extra other than good company and bud lights. You went with the flow because you wanted everyone else to be happy. Your smile and laugh were infectious. You visited me every year of pro hockey and I’m so thankful for that. You were there for a lot of the best moments of my life and provided me with some of the best memories as well. Playing ace all summer long, late night beer pong at Timmy’s, even later nights at Shellback, our trip to Georgia, Chicago, that freezing Steelers Broncos game in the Burgh, you were there to watch me raise the Stanley Cup, countless golf rounds, BBQs at my parents house, Newport Beach house, Cocks and Tails, Fourth of July parties, going to watch you play kickball on Wednesdays followed by weird Wednesdays, fantasy football, but most of all just bellying up at the bar and talking life, sports, anything. You supported me unconditionally through the ups and downs of my career and life. You were so loved by my family and everyone that knew you and this one hurts bad. I’m sad, I’m angry, and it still doesn’t feel real. For anyone who read this, please treat others kindly. You never know what people are going through on the inside. Reach out to family and friends and nurture those relationships because it can make all the difference. Everyone is fighting their own battle, don’t resist what you are feeling inside. Life is short and it’s important to treat friends, family, and strangers wth the love and respect they deserve. This was hardest thing I’ve ever put down into words because Walker was all-time. I love you and miss you already. Rest easy my brotha. See you down the road.

Публикация от Beau Bennett (@beaubennett8) 11 Сен 2018 в 6:55 PDT